ColourPop Haul & First Impressions

I kind of went a bit overboard with my ColourPop order so I thought I’d show you my haul and let you know what my first impressions were. That way if you’re able to justify a huge order like I did then you’ll get some ideas.

I got a mixture of loads of products which include eyeshadows and lipsticks with different finishes. I’ll start with the eyes.



I had my eye on this eyeshadow set for ages! ColourPop show the shadow and description of the colour which is handy. Here’s my colour description of them along with my first thoughts.



Truth is a beautiful creamy champagne colour. The colour pay off is decent while not being overly shimmery. This is the type of eyeshadow colour that everyone will get use out of.

Nillionaire is a brown shadow with a gold and pink glitter reflect. The pink glitter is subtle and you can see mostly gold sparkles. The brown shadow underneath doesn’t come out as strong as I’d like. It was one of the shadows I was most excited about so I’m a bit underwhelmed by it. I can definitely make it work with a mixing agent though and that shadow itself is quite unusual so I’m still happy to have it in my kit.

So Quiche  is a khaki green shadow with gold and pink glitter reflect. It’s even more unusual than Nillionaire so I’m happy to have this one too. Again the khaki green shadow under the glitter isn’t as pigmented as I like but I can make it work.

La La  is a beautiful copper shimmer. This is one of my favourite shadows from the set. The pigment as you can see is really strong and it’s a colour I’ll use a lot.

Cricket is a mauve shadow with pink and gold glitter reflect. The mauve shadow underneath is much stronger than Nillionaire and so quiche so I’m really happy about that. This shadow will look amazing on green eyes.

Mittens is a gorgeous red toned brown matte shade. It’s definitely my favourite from the set and one that I’ll use a lot. After trying this one I’d definitely be keen to buy more matte shades from ColourPop.

Mittens and La La were stand out favourites for me. I’ll get lots of use out of these. While Nillionaire and So Quiche are unusual, I was underwhelmed in the pigment of the shadows underneath the glitter.


I also bought the shadow sugar which is a frosted blue shadow with silver glitter reflect. This shadow is really pigmented and another of my favourites. It will look beautiful with brown eyes.


All of the shadows are creamy without having fall out which is amazing. You would expect the shadows with the glitter reflect to be gritty but they’re all really finely milled so that’s really impressive.


Just like the eyeshadows I had my eye on a lip set too which was a set of 5 Ultra Matte Lips. I love mini lip kits because I’d rarely go through a full lipstick anyway. This way I get to try lots of colours.

Foxy Lip Kit


Clueless is a pretty pink mauve colour. I love this colour, it’s nude yet girly.

Beeper is a true brown colour. It’s very 90’s.

Tuele is a redy brown colour. This colour will be great for autumn!

Creeper is a warm bright red. I’m looking forward to trying this because I usually go for more pink time reds.

More Better is a magenta pink that’s a bit on the dull side which I love especially for winter.

These took forever to get off my arm! No wipe could remove them so I had to cleanse my arm haha. I’ll do a full review when I’ve tried them out properly.

Lippie Stix

I bought one of these because the shade is a best seller.


Lumiere is a matte pinky nude. I will be wearing this a lot! This is my typical go to day time shade.


First impressions are good. There’s no dragging or tugging like some matte lipsticks which I like especially in the winter when that sort of thing can crack lips!

Ultra Satin Lip

I bought one of these too, partly because I fell in love with the colour and partly because I was trying every other lip formula from ColourPop so I thought I might as well go all out and try this one too.


Lyin’ King is the perfect pink for Autumn


This was pretty hard to remove but not as hard at the ultra matte lipsticks. I love this colour!

So there you have it!  My huge ColourPop haul and some first impressions. I’ll keep you all updated on how I get on with them!

Eyeshadows With Flash

I had a great experience shopping with ColourPop. I got $5 off my first purchase and free shipping for spending $50. My order came within a week and I managed to escape the customs charge, YIPEE!

They pack their orders really well which I always look out for. It’s a pet peeve of mine when things are packed badly, especially when it comes to makeup. These were packed really tightly in foam and in a box.

I’m Louise and I’m a lpstick addict! I hope you enjoyed seeing all the products swatched.

Louise xxx

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