Ebay Beauty Bargain Haul

There’s nothing I love more than a good bargain and by bargain I mean very affordable products that are actually good and worth the money. If you can weight on the long shipping times then these bargains will make you so happy. It takes so long to arrive that you forget you’ve even ordered anything and even what you’ve ordered. They’ll be like a birthday present to yourself!!! Win win.

Ebay Haul

White and Gold Soft Face Flat Kabuki Brush

First up is this white and gold kabuki brush. The hair looked a little bit different in the picture in terms of the length so I was a little concerned when it arrived. Now that I’ve used the brush I think the length is absolutely perfect. The hair is extremely soft and densely packed. If you like a high coverage with a flawless finish then you will love this brush. I first dot my foundation on my face and I use this brush to blend in with circular motions. I love the results.

I’ve washed this brush and it has washed well. Because the hairs are short and closer to the glue than other brushes I use this brush may not last forever but it cost $3 including postage so I think it’s worth it. Highly recommend this brush.

Oval Flat Foundation Kabuki Brush

This came recommend by the wonderful Alison from Passions and Preening. She said it was great for blending around smaller areas of the face such as the nose and Alison wasn’t lying. The main reason I purchased this was because it was affordable and I wanted to try out this type of brush without paying big bucks.

It’s very true that using this type of brush come to you more naturally than you’d think. It’s one of the softest brushes I’ve ever used and I’m so impressed. It needs to be washed more often than my other brushes but it has washed really well and I really enjoy using it.

My Beauty Diary Face Masks

These came recommended by the gorgeous Lorraine from John It’s Only Makeup. I value her opinion on skincare so much.

My Beauty Diary Masks

These masks are so affordable and there’s a huge list to choose from. I got the Squalene Mask and the Hylornic Mask. Both come with a really generous amount of liquid goodness and Lorraine mentioned in a her full review of both that she used the left over liquid on her face another day so this is exactly what I did.

I really enjoyed using these masks and I’m 100% buying more. I had noticeable difference after use. My skin felt amazing and my makeup applied beautifully. I highly recommend these as they are so worth the $2 price point.

Jade Facial Massage Roller

This was another recommendation by Lorraine. The Body Shop introduced a face roller to a recent collection and although I wanted it I can’t afford it right now so I bought this cheaper alternative.

Ebay Haul

I’ve used this roller a couple of times to massage in serum and moisturisers. It feels nice on the skin and I’ve enjoyed using it. It squeaks a little so depending on how tired and irritated I am I’ll use it! f anything it looks pretty in my bathroom and in Instagram pictures!

Ebay Haul

I’d love to hear from you If you’ve got any Ebay beauty recommendations and bargain favourites. Share the below so we can all benefit 🙂

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Louise xxx

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  1. Great post, I have also discovered recently that there are some great products on ebey. An Australian blogger liked the RT dupe brushes on ebay which were under10$.