Hair & Me Intense Repair Hair Mask

I’m a huge fan of Hair & Me and have tried their Hair Rejuvenation Treatment before. I had amazing results with this mask. My hair was left feeling like silk so when they contacted me to try their repair hair mask all I could think was YAAAAS! I love that this mask is made from natural oils and ingredients.

Product Claims:

‘Its just you and me babe, this 100% natural pre-shampoo, intense repair hair mask is designed to offer your hair UV & heat protection, soothe dry & irritated scalps as well as stimulate blood flow to encourage natural hair growth, prevent hair loss plus moisturise & strengthen while offering a soothing & calming peppermint scent.’

My Thoughts:

This mask smells unreal! It smells exactly like a mint Aero (yummy!). I couldn’t wait to put it on my head and it made it a lot more appealing to leave in my hair.


The instructions said to apply to damp hair which exactly what I did. This mask was more grainy than the rejuvenation treatment so I had to really work it in. It contains oils so once you start working it in, the oils start to melt making it easier to spread through the hair. I put a lot more at the ends because I have balayage which tends to dry out the ends of my hair.

It says to leave it on for about 20 mins but I left it in for about 2 hours and went about my day of housework and writing blog posts. As I said before, it smells amazing so I actually enjoyed keeping it on.


It says to shampoo the hair twice because I put so much in the ends I had to shampoo three times. This was a bit of a chore but it was all worth it once I seen the results.

The results are instant! Before the mask my hair was a dry, knotty nest but after my hair was silky soft, it doesn’t look dry at all, it looks super healthy and even though it’s a hydrating mask my hair still has volume. It didn’t go flat like it would after other treatments. My scalp and hair is completely clean without any product build up.

After The Mask

Hand on heart, these are the best hair masks I’ve ever tried! I’d be really shocked to find anyone that doesn’t like them. Although they’re $16-18 (depending on the hair mask) there’s enough hair mask to do at least 3 treatments which is well worth it in my opinion. I saves me going to the hairdressers as often to get a trim and I hate going to the hairdressers so this is a winner for me. I will 100% buy these.

IMG_6731 (1).JPG

Hair & Me are an Australian company but they ship internationally. The shipping cost is really affordable at only $4 extra (that was 2 x hair masks in the cart).

Have you tried these masks before?

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Louise xxx

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*this hair mask was gifted for consideration for product review. This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed are my own and all reviews are honest

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    1. The pink one is amazing! I love the smell of that one too, reminds me of holidays or somewhere tropical! Thank you so much lily X

  1. Seems like a great product! As long as you get like 3 masks out of the one packet, otherwise bit pricey. I’m currently having an issue with a flakey scalp, so trying to work that out for now!

    1. I’ve got thick hair and got 3 goes with each so it definitely makes it worth it. You’d just need to make sure you dampen your hair first so it spreads. This mint one would be perfect for your dry scalp. The mint would be so cooling and soothing X