How To Make Your Makeup Last All Day

The number one question asked by people that wear makeup is how do I make my makeup last all day. Those of you with oily skin suffer the most but other skin types can suffer too. As someone with dry skin I used to find my makeup would go patchy. Makeup with not stick to certain places or sink into patches during the day. I’ve done a lot of research and I’ve learned a lot about makeup so I’ve put together some tips which will help your makeup last.

It’s important to use skincare and makeup that are compatible with each other. There’s no point in wearing an oil free foundation over a an oil based/water based moisturiser or primer. The oils will separate and your makeup won’t look right.
Water based and oil free products don’t mix well together so use one or the other.
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Skin Types and Ingredients
Water based products are good for hydrating the skin as they usually contain oil. Water based foundations are often much easier to blend but are less suited to those with oily or combination skin. If you’ve oily or combination skin the oil in these products can mix with natural oils in your skin and create the shine you want to avoid. For those with normal to dry skin it can create a natural glow. If you see products with the main ingredient listed as Aqua then the product is mostly water based.
Most products contain silicon. Silicon is a very popular ingredient these days because it smooths over fine lines, wrinkles and pores. There’s lots of arguments as to whether silicon products are good for your skin but I personally enjoy using them. They sit on top of your skin and don’t clog your pores. They also allow your skin to breath. Some people with sensitive skin find silicon based products irritate their skin by causing breakouts so this is something to consider if you’re on the sensitive side. To tell if a product is silicon based look out for ingredients called silica and dimethicone.
Oil free products are great for people with oily skin because you won’t be adding extra oil to your skin. As mentioned above, you shouldn’t mix oil free products with products that contain oil. They simply won’t last on your skin.
What Makeup Products Are Oil Free Or Contain Water & Silicon 
So by now your probably wondering if the makeup you have is oil free, water based or silicon based. This document was shared In a makeup group recently and I think you’ll find it helpful. Click here.
Makeup Products That Can Make Your Makeup Last All Day
Besides making sure the ingredients suit your skin and are compatible there’s products that can help your makeup last all day. You’ll obviously still need to ensure the ingredients are still compatible. If you’re on a budget don’t fret because there’s plenty of decent products out there that will suit every budget. Just check this link out and you’ll see a mix of high end and affordable brands.
A primer is essential to my routine. It creates a base of smooth skin for foundation and they usually have properties to help foundation stick throughout the day. Only a light layer is needed around your t-zone and cheeks. There’s no need to thickly lather all over your face.
Powder can help to remove oiliness from the skin and it’s also another layer of coverage.
Setting Spray
Setting sprays help your makeup to stay in place for the day. You spray this on your face once you’ve all your makeup on and it’s like the glue that holds everything together. There’s some very good ones on the market. I love the NYX Matte Setting Spray and urban Decay All Night Setting spray (review coming soon).

So there you have it, a simple guide on how to make your makeup last all day. If you found this post useful or have anything else to add then please comment below
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