L.O.V Cosmetics & Hourglass Eyeshadow Comparison

As soon as I saw the L.O.V Cosmetics eyeshadow palettes I straight away thought of Hourglass Eyeshadow Palettes. The shape of the pan along with the colour combinations are so similar and naturally as a blogger I straight away want to see if I’ve found a dupe. The Hourglass Eyeshadow Palette are approx. €70 and L.O.V are only €16. Keep reading to see if I’ve found a good dupe!

L.O.V Cosmetics is a German that’s new to Ireland. The price point is very affordable and you’ll find them in most pharmacies. I was very surprised by the high quality of the eyeshadows considering the price. They don’t feel hard and powdery like you’d expect.


Hourglass and L.O.V Comparison

So straight off the outer packaging isn’t similar. Hourglass looks more luxurious but it would want to for the price. In saying that I think that the L.O.V palette is more sturdy which I like. They both have a mirror but the L.O.V palette comes with a brush.


The shape of the shadows are very similar. The L.O.V palettes has a printed pattern along with the wave shape which I think is really different and pretty. Both palettes are so Instagram worthy because they both look great. There’s no doubt about it that the L.O.V palette looks much more expensive than its cost.

Top: Hourglass Cosmetics. Bottom LOV Cosmeti

The colour options available are both very similar. They both have a teal palette, a navy palette, a brown palette and a purple palette. I have the purple palettes from both L.O.V and Hourglass to compare.

The shades are similar but not the same. There’s a brown shadow in each palette, a cream colour shadow in each palette and different tones of purple in each palette. I really like the pink champagne colour in the L.O.V palette. There isn’t a similar shade in the Hourglass.

LOV Cosmetics

All the shades in both really compliment each other. The Hourglass palette has some matte shadow but the L.O.V palette doesn’t. I think this is the only thing the LOV palette is missing.

The quality of both palettes are really good. The Hourglass shadows are much softer though which causes a lot of fall out. I find this so annoying. The L.O.V palette doesn’t have any fall out yet the shadows are really pigmented abs easy to use. They blend so well too: I found the Hourglass palette harder to work with.

LOV Cosmetics

I really do like my Hourglass palette  and I love the colours but I just don’t reach for it because of the amount of fall out.


I’ve been using the L.O.V palette a lot this month and I’ve had no issues with fall out. I especially enjoy the two lighter shadows for a pop of highlight.  use these in the inner corner of the eye and across the lid with the darker colours on the outer c of the eye.

The L.O.V palette gets a big thumbs up from me. I’d recommend this over the Hourglass because I prefer the the texture of the L.O.V shadows. They’re both pigmented so i feel if you’ve money to spend you might as well go for a palette that costs €16 rather than €70.

L.O.V is available in pharmacies nationwide.

Would you try L.O.V Cosmetics?

Louise xxx

*the L.O.V palette was gifted to me as a press sample from the brand for the purpose of this review. As always, the opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

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