L’Oreal Matte Max Lips

The L’Oreal Matte Max Lips really caught my eye because of how different the product is from others on the market. It looks different, it acts different and it promised to look matte without being drying. Sounded good to be but keep reading to see how I got on.

Product Claims:

Matte impact, max effects.
Sculpt your lips and create infinite looks with our first ever designer applicator lip pen.
From gradient, to ombré, to a full matte colour.
Enriched with Micro-Oils for a velvet feel for up to 8 hours.

My Thoughts:
The application is unique because the product is in the lid which is loaded onto the sponge applicator when you press the lid and applicator together.
The sponge applicator is shaped like a fat tear drop. It has a decent point so it’s very easy to be precise in lining your lips. It’s a hard sponge but it picks up a decent amount of product.
The formula is very different to any other lip products I’ve ever used. It looks like a matte powder but feels like a powdery gel.
The shade I got is 001 Silencio which is a gorgeous peachy nude colour. I love that you can apply it lightly for a subtle wash of colour or build the product up in layers for a more intense colour.
My favourite lip liner combo for my shade 001 is the Catrice Lip Liner in shade. It’s the perfect match.
L’Oreal Matte Max Lips promises to last 8 hours which I don’t agree with but it is quite long lasting in that it stays on for 2/3 hours. It fades when eating and drinking but the colour stains the lips nicely.
The formula is a little drying but not to the extent of say a liquid matte lipstick. You can still rub your lips together and feel the soft gel powder texture rather than it flaking off etc. I really enjoy using mine and I’ll definitely buy some more L’Oreal Matte Max Lips shades in the near future. The colour options look to be really pretty with a good mix of nude and bold colours.

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  1. This looks really interesting! I like the applicator, it reminds me a bit of the Lancome Juicy Shaker Louise! Great texture too!
    Hope you are doing ok on the other side of the world. Australia misses you x

    1. I’m yet to try juicy shaker but it’s on my never ending list 😂
      Everything is good, will just take some time to get back into the swing of things 😊 the weather has been amazing which is helping lol X

    1. Thanks for trying again 😊 I haven’t seen anything like them before so I had to get one to try X