Pennys Makeup: PS Liquid Lipsticks

The Pennys or Primark makeup range was top on my list to try when I moved make to Ireland and the first things I bought were two of the PS Liquid Lipsticks.

Both of these cost €2.50 so I was super impressed by the packaging. I don’t think it looks or feels cheap and I like the black and gold lid.
I got shade 6 and shade 15. The two shades look quite nude and natural in the packaging so I got a bit of a shock when I opened these to find out they were really bright.
The applicator is a brush rather than say a doe foot shape like most liquid lipsticks. It’s very easy to apply the product with the applicator because of the formula.
The formula is again different to most liquid lipsticks. These are more like highly pigmented lip glosses. I really love the colours and think they look really good, especially in summer. They’re very sticky though which isn’t my thing for lip products. In saying that, I’ve been wearing lip gloss more in the last month than I have in the last number of years so I do see myself using these over the summer. Lip glosses make lips look bigger and I’m all about that!
Shade 6 is a really nice bright pink but still very wearable
Shade 15 is an orange/ peach colour
They aren’t smudge proof but for €2.50 and if you’re into glossy lips then you’ll like these.
What Pennys or Primark beauty products do you recommend I try next?

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