What It’s Really Like Getting Lip Fillers-My First Experience

I got lip fillers about 4 weeks ago. I had it on Snapchat and a couple of people had questions about what it’s really like getting lip fillers so I thought I would put a post together on my first experience. Getting lip fillers had been on my mind for a long time. It wasn’t something I rushed into and it’s something I put a lot of research into before doing it. If this is something you’re considering I urge you to also do your research because you’re obviously altering your face and you’ll look different. It can be a strange thing looking in the mirror and seeing something new. Reading this should give you a good indication of what it’s really like getting lip fillers if it’s something you’re seriously considering.

One thing I struggled to find when I was doing my research was people’s first experience getting lip fillers. I wanted to know everything. What was used, did it hurt, what the procedure would be like, what shape would my lips be after the lip fillers, could I give them an idea of what I wanted the shape to be and how long would it last. This post will answer all these questions.

Research on Lip Fillers

Before going I did my research on the different lip filler types. I wanted to go somewhere that uses Juvederm. According to research Juvederm has the most natural results which is what I wanted. Other lip fillers can apparently cause bumps under the skin and Juvederm molds easier. I know some people who’ve had other types of lip fillers and who didn’t have issues but from my personal research Juvederm is what I wanted to get.

Juvederm Ultra Plus is a lip filler that can last up to 12 months which is one of the longest time frames from my research. Most others including Juvederm Ultra (not Ultra Plus) lasts approximately 9 months. How long it lasts will depend on the individual. It can depend on a number of things including your metabolism.

Another thing to consider was the amount of lip filler I would want. It starts at .5ml and up in increments of .5ml. I decided I would get 1ml because I wanted a noticeable difference. I was advised by a number of people which included doctors that .5ml wouldn’t make much difference.

I wanted to go to a clinic I was comfortable in as I’m afraid of injections. This must sound really silly as there are a lot of injections involved but I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to pain. I had a consultation in two clinics and I was more comfortable with the second. I’d recommend going for a consultation and if you don’t feel comfortable then don’t get it done. It’s important to feel very comfortable with the place and the doctor.

I chose Elita Clinic in Melbourne after having a couple of friends recommend them. I seen their results and they were really happy with their procedure so I felt even more comfortable because of this. I was really happy to go on recommendation and when the time comes and although I live in Ireland now, I will be looking for recommendations for here.

The price for lip fillers varied in Melbourne. They started at about $380 and up. I paid $600 to go to a place with Juvederm, a place that was recommend and a place I was comfortable in. The price difference was worth it for me. I didn’t want to take any chances, especially because the procedure was obviously on my face.

What I Wanted

My top lip is naturally much smaller than the bottom. The sides are uneven and the cupids bow blends into nothing. I wanted my cupids bow to be more defined, the sides evened out and for my top lip to be as full as the bottom.

Before Lip Fillers
Before Lip Fillers


I arranged my appointment which includes a consultation to discuss what you want from the procedure. The doctor then discusses what they can do and what they recommend. I loved Elita because she gave me a realistic idea of what my lips would look like after. She was extremely honest and to the point which I loved and it made me feel comfortable.

Dr Naf advised me to keep the bottom lip a bit bigger than the top as this will look more natural. She said that most people have a larger bottom lip and to keep mine looking natural she would put some filler in the bottom. She also said she could make my top lip even and my cupids bow stand out and more defined.

She gave me some options on the type of filler and I chose Juvederm Ultra Plus.

I decided that I would proceed with getting the lip fillers and Dr Naf took some pictures.

The Procedure:

The clinic looks a bit like a dentist so I sat on a chair similar to a dentist chair. Dr Naf then wiped down my lips to ensure they were clean. I then had some dental aesthetic injected inside my mouth. There were two injections at the top and one at the bottom, all near the centre. She then wiped my lips down at least 3 or 4 times. At this stage I couldn’t feel anything.

As soon as this was done she began injecting the filler. There were a lot of injections but I honestly hardly felt a thing. A couple of areas were a bit painful including the injections around the edge of my lips. The most painful was the very centre of my top lip. This was the only injection that made me wince and this was the very last one.

When she was finished with injections she wiped down my lips again and put a gel like substance on. She then massaged the lips to ensure the filler was even. I was given a mirror to have a look and to be honest I was taken aback by how different they looked. They were very swollen but luckily my friends had warned me that I would get a shock and they had assured me the swelling would go down.

Aftercare Advice

Dr Naz advised me that the swelling would go down over the next couple of days and after a week they would settle down to what they would look like for the foreseeable future. She advised that they make look uneven, swollen, bruised or even bumpy. If there were issues I was told to come back the following week.

I was advised not to smoke (I don’t anyway), drink alcohol, kiss, suck or massage my lips. She advised that I could wear makeup 12 hours later.

Day of Procedure

The anesthetic wore off more quickly than if I had been at the dentist. I was initially a bit paranoid and my lips stung a little when I went outside in the breeze.

Straight After Procedure
Straight After Procedure

The bruising appeared almost straight away especially on my top lip on the left side. I had gone out shopping and got a bit of a fright when I looked in the mirror.  I laughed when I thought of what other people thought when they seen me.

I struggled to smile, laugh and eat on the day of the procedure. It felt really strange. I usually sleep on my stomach but I slept on my back or my side that night.

Lip Fillers-One Hour After Procedure
Lip Fillers-One Hour After Procedure

My skin looked all glowing and shiny which was really unusual for me. I have dry skin so this was a welcomed change.

The pain after the procedure was worse than the procedure itself but it was definitely bearable and not too bad at all.

Over The Next Week

My lips were swollen for 4 days after the procedure. The swelling was uneven for a couple of days which I was slightly worried about at the time but after a week they are perfectly even.

Lip Fillers-Day 2
Lip Fillers-Day 2

The bruising lasted the full week especially on the top lip on the left side. This was a little sore to touch to be honest. It could be covered with lipstick but it was painful to put on until about day 3.

Lip Fillers-Day 3
Lip Fillers-Day 3

I wasn’t able to purse my lips together until day 6. It just felt strange and a little sore especially around my cupids bow. The cupids bow was a little painful on and off especially the more I talked.

Lip Fillers-Day 4
Lip Fillers-Day 4

I slept on my back and side over the next week to avoid any changes to the shape while the filler settled. I’m not sure if this would make a difference but I wasn’t taking any chances!

Lip Fillers- Day 5
Lip Fillers- Day 5

My skin was glowing for a couple of days which was amazing. I don’t know if it was a coincidence or if it was to do with the fillers but I hadn’t used anything different on my skin and it was so hydrated.

Lip Fillers-Day 5

I was a little paranoid at work for a couple of days but I was happy with the overall look so it didn’t bother me after a day or two.

People’s Reactions

Some people just didn’t understand why I would want to do it and there were a couple of whispers around the office which I laughed about.

I don’t think my parents really understand but to be honest I think that’s to do with how popular the procedure is in Ireland and how many people are open and talk about it. Once I explained it was temporary and that I liked them they didn’t really say much. Although there’s an obvious difference in my lips they still look natural. I don’t think you’d notice if you didn’t know me.

My friends were all very happy for me and supportive. They were all very intrigued about the procedure and were interested in updates each day.

Lip Fillers- Week 1

My Overall Opinion

Now that the swelling has settled down I’m really happy with the look. They look naturally big but if you knew me before you would definitely know that I’ve had fillers.

My bottom lip feels the same as before but my top lip around the edges and the cupids bow feels like it’s full.

Applying lipstick is so different. I actually have shape to my top lip now!

Lip Fillers Week 4
Lip Fillers Week 4

My Recommendations After My First Experience 

Some clinics don’t use a dental anesthetic and to be honest I think it would really hurt without it. Personally, I’d recommend finding somewhere that did the dental anesthetic if your squeamish or hate injections as much as I do.

Wearing makeup to the procedure is a waste of time. Your face needs to be clean and if you’ve makeup on the procedure will last longer as they’ll need to clean your face.

When you first look in the mirror whatever you do, do not freak out. Your lips will be so swollen and you won’t recognise yourself!

I hope I’ve given you a good insight into what the procedure is like along with the aftercare. If you’ve any questions please don’t be afraid to contact me.

Come say hi  on Snapchat username: beyoutyfulyou. You’ll see some sneak peaks into products I’m trying, loving and not loving as well as getting some cooking inspo and seeing what life is like in Melbourne.

Louise xxx

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*This is not a sponsored post. I paid for this procedure.

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  1. I think your lips are naturally beautiful, after procedure there is a slight difference. I always feel that this procedure is painful, its your courage you got it.