Rimmel Sun Shimmer Instant Tan – Medium Matte

Let me start by telling you that the Rimmel Sun Shimmer instant tan has changed and changed for the better! When I think of Rimmel Sun Shimmer tan I think about the first tan I ever used, college nights out, the streaks I got when it rained BUT then I saw it had a new formula and new packaging. Then I noticed this tan was on special offer in my local pharmacy Adrian Dunne so naturally (as I’m on a budget) I gravitated towards it and hoped for the best.

Product Claims:

‘Just like the original, Sunshimmer’s ultra-blendable formula instantly illuminates, leaving skin with an all-over sun-kissed glow.’

‘Now with water-resistant wear, even colour withstands sudden rain, splashes and spilled drinks!’

‘Resists rubbing and smudging. Washes off easily with soap and water.’

‘Get all the colour without the commitment!’

My Thoughts:
Before using this I did my usual exfoliate and moisturise routine. This always helps to make a smooth base for an even tan application. I’ve dry skin too so it’s a must for me!
The tan has the same scent that I always remembered. Let’s be honest, it’s not great but if anything it makes me feel a little nostalgic. One whiff and I’m right back in Carlow on a college night out!
I was so shocked by how this applied so evenly to my skin. It looked absolutely amazing straight off the bat. I usually get some streaks because of my dry skin but this actually went on like a dream. Once I’d one leg done I knew I had to take a picture so I could tell you all about it.
The tan was a little tacky for about 10 mins but it didn’t sink into any follicles or sit on dry skin. It looked like a gorgeous brown natural tan. The medium shade is natural so I’d go for dark if you want a dark tan.
The real test for me was that it was raining the first night I tried it. The tan didn’t budge all night, not one streak. This tan looked even and perfect the next day.
I was shocked by how impressed I was with this tan and I highly recommend it. At €8.99 it’s a very affordable price.
Have you tried the new formula yet?

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  1. Oh this looks interesting, I need to try some different tans, this seems to be a nice even colour so I’ll put it on my list. Plan to be tanned for summer, will use winter to test them out hehe Thank you!

  2. Wow, it looks amazing Louise! Not a product for me, but glad it worked for you. Hope you aren’t missing Australia too much 🙂

  3. This product gave you such a lovely and natural sunkissed result. I’m always a bit nervous about using tanning products! I was once converted into an Oompa Loompa and I’ve been weary of tanning products ever since!

    1. Haha I feel your pain. Team Oompa Loompa with streaky and it’s a complete disaster. Luckily I got perfect, natural results with this one X