Skinny Tan Mousse-Cruelty Free Tan

Skinny Tan Mousse

If you are a lover of a dark fake tan that has a gorgeous smell then you’ll be interested in today’s blog post which is all about Skinny Tan Mousse. Skinny Tan Mousse is a cruelty free tan which is made from naturally sourced ingredients including seeds, coconut and Guarana. I’ve been trying this out the Skinny Tan Body Mousse and Mitt for about a month now and I think it’s a product you’ll all love to hear about.

Product Claims:

‘Everyone is talking about NEW Skinny Tan Mousse! The natural tan and tone breakthrough that applies in seconds, lasts up to 14 days and never ever goes streaky.’

‘No orange, no harsh chemicals, no animal testing and finally you can fake it naturally!’

‘NEW Skinny Tan Mousse combines not one but two green based certified natural tanning agents plus organic coconut for a delicious scent, organic Aloe Vera to help moisturise and of course the most popular cellulite active caffeine from naturally sourced Guarana Berries.’

‘Skinny Tan Mousse applies so easily, sinking all the Skinny Tan Goodness into your skin in a light fluffy mousse formula with a guide colour and amazing results.’

‘A longer lasting tan develops in just hours to a deeper natural tan that lasts up to 14 days. Suitable for face and body.’

My Thoughts:

The Skinny Tan Mousse comes with a pump that you’d usually see with mousse tanning products. I prefer mousse tans because they tend to be less messy than the tans in a tube.

Skinny Tan Mousse and Mitt

Skinny Tan Mousse smells amazing! The coconut smell reminds me of holidays so I really enjoyed putting it on. I usually apply this at night and even the next morning the scent isn’t your typical horrible, fake tan smell. It smells like cocoa.

I prefer green based tans to orange based as they tend to look more brown and natural. This tan certainly isn’t orange but you can’t see the green tinge either which is great.

I used the Skinny Tan mitt to apply the tan over my legs and used a makeup brush for my feet and ankles. The colour is visible going on which I love so there’s no chance of you missing any areas.

Another thing that I love about this tan is that it’s quick drying. There’s nothing worse than standing around cold and afraid to move with fear of streaks. It dried in about 10 mins.

The first time I tried this tan I was a bit worried when I woke up the next day. It’s very dark and looks a bit uneven but once you shower and dry off the tan looks even so don’t worry if this happens you too.


Skinny Tan lasts about a week. I could probably get a second week but I like to take mine off and apply fresh.

I have dry, sensitive skin and this caused no irritation whatsoever. The tan didn’t sink into hair follicles and it didn’t dry out my skin any further. This is a win win for me.

The colour is not for the faint hearted. I love this colour tan for a night out but because I’m pale I personally wouldn’t wear this tan for a day time event. I know a lot of other girls who would though so if you love a dark tan then you absolutely need to try this one.

I highly recommend Skinny Tan Mousse and would purchase this

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*this product has been gifted to me for consideration. This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own

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    1. I’m usually too sensitive to wear tan other than on special occasions but I think I found an exception!