Sleek Make Up Rockstar Collection

The new Rockstar collection from Sleek was released yesterday and I was lucky enough to attend the launch and sample the products. The collection is perfect for autumn/winter, Christmas party season and for those that love a bit of highlight and sparkle. I’ve swatches of everything in the collection to show you and a glowy party look that I created to show you too.


The collection features a palette which retails at €9.49, 2 new VIP lipsticks which are €7.49 each and 2 strobing soufflés which are €8.99 each. It’s another very affordable collection from the brand.


Sleek Diamonds In The Rough i-Lust Palette

The Diamonds In The Rough i-Lust Palette has 6 different shades of gold. There’s 2 cream formulas and 4 powder formulas. I love that they can be used as highlighters or eyeshadows.


The packaging is great in that it looks nice, it’s sturdy and it has a mirror. Stayed tuned for the Becca Champagne Pop dupe!!!



Solitaire is a cream formula that’s a white gold iridescent colour. This one will be nice for highlighting the brow bone or the inner corner of the eye.


Trillion is a powder formula that’s a champagne gold colour. It’s a really pretty shade that could be used to highlight the face as wellas an eyeshadow.


Princess is another powder formula which is a beautiful Rose gold colour. I’m obsessed with Rose gold so I’m all about this shadow.


Asscher is the third powder and it’s a pink champagne colour. If you’ve been dying to get your hands on champagne pop by Becca but can’t then look no further. It’s almost exactly the same.

Left: Champagne Pop. Right: Princess


Marquise is the last powder formula which is a darker Rose gold shade. Perfect for a pop of shimmer on the eye.


Radiant is the second cream formula which is a champagne gold colour. This would again be perfect for highlighting the brow bone or it could be used as an eyeshadow base to make the other shades pop.

All of the colours are very pigmented. You won’t create a full eye look with that palette by they’re great for those looking for an affordable alternative to expensive pigments and foiled shadows. They’re really good quality for such an affordable price and if you’re familiar with the Sleek Highlighting palettes you’ll love this one too.


Sleek Lip VIP

If you haven’t already checked out the full range of Lip VIP then I recommend that you do. They’re a semi matte formula meaning they don’t dry your lips out like Gandhi’s flip flop, they look Matte and still stay creamy on the lips.

Top: Superstar. Bottom: Scandalous

I’ve 3 or 4 of these already and I love how the colours are so opaque.

With Flash- Top: Superstar. Bottom: Scandalous

The new shades have a diamond shape to match the Rockstar collection which is a nice touch. They’re both nice berry shades for Autumn/winter which are right up my street.


Superstar is a purple berry shade with a slight fleck of blue shimmer in the undertone. I know purple isn’t for everyone but if like me you love purple lipstick then I think you’ll like this one too.



Scandalous is a cool gone red berry shade with a slight fleck of purple shimmer in the undertone. It’s a very wearable shade in my opinion and I can see myself wearing this a lot.


Sleek Strobing Soufflé

These strobing creams have a nice mouse texture which I find work well when applied with the fingers. Bouncing the a beauty blender over it then gives a nice smooth blended effect.

Left: Smoky Quartz. Right:Pink Opal

Both Soufflés are shimmery with flecks of glitter. Both shades are very pigmented.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a true gold colour


Pink Opal 

Pink Opal is a beautiful light Rose gold shade.


I see myself using these as an eyeshadow base more than anything. I’m yet to try it on my eyes so I’ll keep you updated on how it goes but you can see in the pictures below just how well they make the eyeshadows pop.

Here I used Pink Opal Soufflé with Princess shadow from the palette over the top. It makes the shimmer so much more intense.

Left: Pink Opal with Princess. Right: Princess on its own

Here I used Smoky Quartz Soufflé with Marquise shadow from the palette over the top. This creates a duo chrome effect.

Left: Smoky Quartz with Marquise. Right: Marquise on its own.

Get The Look

I primed my eyelids with some concealer and set with my face setting powder. This just creates a nice smooth base for the eyeshadow.

I darkened the crease with my bronzer and darkened the outer corner of the eye with a dark brown eyeshadow.

I then started using the new Diamonds In The Rough i-Lust Palette. I used the cream shadow “Radiant”. I packed it on from the crease down using the brush provided. I stopped before the dark outer corner of the eye.


Beside my dark outer corner I pressed on the shade “Princess” until I got to the middle of my eyelid. I then pressed on the shade “Trillion” to the inner corner of the eye and used a brush to make sure everything was blended together.


To highlight I used the Strobing Soufflé in the shade Smoky Quartz. I buffed it into the skin using a beauty blender and then set it with “Trillion” from the eyeshadow palette.


For lipstick I used the shade Scandalous.


First impressions are really good. I’ve been wearing this all day and the eyeshadow hasn’t creased. The highlight had extra pop from using the Soufflé and the eyeshadow. The lipstick is such a nice colour and it stains the lips making it last a decent amount of time.

Will you be buying anything from the Collection?

Louise xxx

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*I was not paid to right this post however I did receive the new Collection at their launch.

*All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions

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