VanityX Makeup Academy Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry Course Review

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Around this time last year I finished the Vanity X Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry. It seems like the perfect time for my review because I can tell you about the course and what I got out of it. If you’re looking to become a makeup artist or if you love makeup and want to up skill then you need to keep reading.

Why I Wanted to Study Makeup

Once I knew I was leaving Australia after such a long time I wanted to book a makeup course so I’d have something positive to look forward to. I’ve always wanted to do a makeup course because I’m literally obsessed with makeup and I thought I might make some extra money at the weekends doing something I like. Who doesn’t like the sound of extra money?!

Why I Chose VanityX Makeup Academy

I chose VanityX Makeup Academy because I couldn’t find any other course that suited what I wanted. The main benefits for me were:

The Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry could be completed both part time and full time. I wanted a full time course done and dusted in one block. I was coming home from Australia so I wanted a bit of time to settle before looking for a job. Coming home is much harder than you think.

There is the option to pay in installments which was brilliant. I’m pretty sure every person in my class paid each week and found this really beneficial.

They work closely with Inglot so the makeup you get in your starter kit is from Inglot. You also get a brush set from Crown Brush which was a must for me as I didn’t have many brushes. Other courses didn’t specify the brands they use or I wasn’t happy with the brand they use. I knew I was getting good value for money with the starter kit.

So basically I did a lot of research between reaching out to other makeup artists and speaking to lots of colleges and Vanity X suited me the best for those reasons.

What To Expect:

Work Volume:

It’s similar to any college course in that it’s a lot of work and I mean a lot of work. You might not expect that but you’ll have theory, lots of practice and you’ll have homework, tests and a portfolio to do.
It is up to you to put in the work and make extra time to do extra practice so that you get the most out of the course. If you think it’s going to be easy and if you don’t want to work then I wouldn’t recommend this course.


My tutor was Olivia Murphy and she was amazing. She’s an unreal artist herself and I learned a lot from here. The one thing you’ll notice if you do the course is that everyone has their own style, tastes and strengths and she would always point out your strengths to you which I found gave me confidence. She was very encouraging and gave constructive criticism which is a must in order to improve. The difference in everyone’s application by the end of the course was just huge.

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The Kit:

The kit we got was a great starter kit. The products we got were a brush set from Crown Brush and Inglot products. We got a brow powder, a contour powder, a blush, a highlighting powder, translucent powder, gel liner, 2 lipsticks (one nude and one red) and 3 eyeshadows (one doubled up as a bronzer and another doubled up as a highlighter). There was then a big box of foundations for us to use (mostly Rimmell). A lot of people brought in their own foundations to use. We all had to buy skincare products, a mixing palette and spatula, wipes, cotton pads and lashes.

VanityX kit via VanityX website


The course was 10am-4pm Tuesday-Friday. We set up and started by 10am. Lunch was for an hour at 1pm and we would finish at 4pm. We had a theory book to go through which was broken into topics. Olivia would do a demo on someone in the class after each topic was covered and then we would practice on each other. I thought there was a very good balance between the theory and practice.
We had 3/4 tests altogether and as I said above we had to hand in a portfolio at the end. You would work on this mostly outside of class.


The tests weren’t too difficult if you studied. I personally didn’t find the theory part too difficult so it didn’t take up a lot of my time. The practice took a lot more time. If you want to get a good grade or improve you need to do more practice at home. This means practicing on a family member or friend and I usually used my sister at the weekend. You would show all your work off in your portfolio.

At the end of the course we had a theory test and three practical exam days. We needed to bring a model for one whole day to complete two looks. Then they brought in models for the following two days. We had to do 2 looks each day and after every look a photographer would take photographs of the look.

Your overall grade was based on a lot of things. You were assessed on a number of things in class each day. This included your attendance, your involvement, enthusiasm and other things. Each theory test went towards your grade. Your portfolio was marked and your practical exams at the end were marked.

You get your results a couple of weeks later and you also get your professional photographs which are great to keep.


There is a Facebook group for past and present students. The tutors will post up opportunities such as job vacancies, work experience opportunities which you can apply for and details of both private and public makeup masterclasses and workshops.

To recap here are some pros and cons to the VanityX Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry:


The price is fair for all that is included and there’s the option to pay in installments.

Classes were kept small which is great for such an intense course. Everyone got equal time and attention.

The tutors have lots of experience in the industry. They’re so helpful and even now the course is finished I know I could go to them for advice.

The kit was basic but perfect for what we needed. The kit included Inglot which is a great brand.

I found the marking system fair and similar to any other college course.

There was a good balance between theory and practice. I never got bored.

You get Professional photographs at the end which are great for promoting yourself on social media.

I got freelance makeup work from it.

I attended free and paid masterclasses offered to past and present Vanity X. These are great for upskilling.

They offer work experience to past and present VanityX students.

I was privileged to be my sisters makeup artist on her wedding day


As all my family and friends work full time I found it impossible to find a model for my practical assessment. Luckily a girl in my class had a friend for me. I did find this element stressful but I think this would happen in any course.

One or two of the brushes in our kit were not great so I didn’t use them. In saying that I still use all the eye makeup brushes in my kit now.

Most people in the class brought in their own foundation as the foundations provided just weren’t great. There was a lot provided but I personally didn’t get on well with any of them.

Just to note on my cons. We were offered the opportunity to provide feedback at the end of the course and some of these things could have been taken into consideration and changed since mine finished a year ago.

Overall I loved studying with VanityX and I loved the course I chose to do. I got a lot out of it and would highly recommend it if you were looking to do a course. I’ve done a couple of masterclasses with brands around Dublin and so many of the artists studied with VanityX. Even artists I’m just chatting to in store in the likes of Mac and Inglot all happen to have done this course.

If you have any questions about the course I would be more than happy to answer them. My social media handles are on the side.

If you would like to book a makeup application or if you would like more information on my services click here.

To see the work of other girls that I was in class with please click here.

VanityX also has a website so if you’d like more information please click here.

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  1. Congrats on getting your diploma Louise! Your review was so interesting to read, and how fulfilling it must have been to provide the professional makeup services for your sister’s wedding. I’m in awe of anyone who can do makeup for other folk, and wish you every success hon xxx