VanityX Makeup Academy Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry Course Review

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Around this time last year I finished the Vanity X Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry. It seems like the perfect time for my review because I can tell you about the course and what I got out of it. If you’re looking to become a makeup artist or if you love makeup and want to up skill then you need to keep reading.

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VanityX Makeup Academy- My Talented Class

If you’re interested in becoming a professional makeup artist you’ll be doing a lot of research on courses. I did the Diploma in Professional Makeup Artistry with VanityX Makeup Academy and have a full review here. Every single person in my class came on leaps and bounds by the end of the course. Rather than just show you my work I thought I’d show you all the girls work. This will give you an idea of the looks you will be able to create by the end of your course.

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