Homemade Sweet Potato Cakes

Hi Everyone!

Those of you that follow me on Snapchat got a bit of a sneak peak today’s recipe which is sweet potato cakes. These are so so delicious (if I do say so myself!). You can serve them in so many ways depending on if you want them for breakfast, lunch or dinner! They were so good that I want to make more today!

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Mexican Chicken with Mango Salad Recipe

Hi Everyone,

Today’s healthy recipe is one of my favourite dinners. It takes next to no time to make at all and is perfect as part of your weightloss plan or healthy diet.

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Homemade Cheat Meal: The Healthy Alternative to Burger and Chips

Hey Everyone!

It’s Friday and what a perfect day to have a cheat meal! Instead of going for a take away that’s laden with calories and fat, why not make your own healthy alternative? My healthy alternative to a cheat meal is easy to make and delicious, you won’t even want a take away.

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