Aqi Skincare Acne Range Review 


Hi Everyone!

I’ve said in the past that I had terrible acne in my teens that has gone but I still get a bad breakout every now and again. What woman doesn’t?! I know how having these skin problems can really get you down and today I’m writing about some products that have made a difference to my skin during my breakouts and I think these products will make all the difference to you too.

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AQI Invisible Spot Gel for Acne Prone Skin Review

Hi Everyone,
I know what it’s like to suffer from acne and how miserable and down it can make you feel. Thankfully I now only suffer the odd breakout but I thought I’d share with you a product I stumbled upon that clears up spots really quickly. I hope that it will help some of you because I know what it’s like to try everything and for nothing to work.
I stumbled across this gem by mistake. It’s the Aqi Invisible Spot Gel. I was walking around Target one day and spotted this and I bought one for myself and a friend  and we were both so shocked that this cleared up both our breakouts within days.
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